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Customized Fit - Dr. D-LuCS

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The Absolute Footwear Fusion of Fashion & Function

Innovative / Bespoke / Ultimate Footwear

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Customized Fit

Customized Fit

Our special method for measuring and fitting customized orthotics and shoes is rather unique:

CSGI (Computerized Scientific Gait Investigation) – Through the use of modern technology we utilize scientific pressure sensors to better understand the impact on your feet while you walk and stand.  CSGI allows us to analyze the center of force and peak pressures in your feet, essential data to help customize your footwear.

In order to create customized footwear, both feet need to be traced.  Size is used as a guide when building a shoe, however an actual outline or tracing of the feet is used so that we can design the optimal footwear to address your individual needs.

Foot and Ankle Complete Biomechanical Evaluation and Range of Motion Testing

Our complete biomechanical evaluation of the foot and ankle, as well as our range of motion testing, provide valuable information regarding all the major joints in the foot and the ankle.  Muscle strength, as well as any defects, such as arthritis, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, sprains, or strains (often chronic conditions) are documented and addressed as we design the ultimate customized shoe and orthotic.

Fluoroscopic Radiographic Evaluation

Our fluoroscopic radiographic evaluation of both feet provides great insight into the bone structure of the feet.  As we test for range of motion in all the major joints of both feet with the assistance of the fluoroscopic imaging, we can observe changes in cartilage, bone spurs, and structural differences that are all taken into account when creating the customized orthotic and shoe.


Diagnostic Ultrasound Evaluation of the Feet

Our diagnostic ultrasound evaluation offers a unique perspective into the soft tissue of the foot and ankle.  This technique is helpful in detecting plantar fasciitis, arthritis, tendonitis, and many other inflammatory conditions.  The information is carefully scrutinized and incorporated as we design the customized orthotic and footwear.


Casting for Custom Made Orthotics

The biomechanical evaluation is very helpful in prescribing the proper customized orthotics.  We utilize a time-tested casting process to obtain a highly accurate impression of the feet.  Through our methods, we address all the individual needs of the foot, and incorporate the data discovered from our CSGI.  This all works in combination with the custom footwear to create pain-free walking.

Therapeutic Foot Whirlpool

Following the precise orthotics casting process, our customers enjoy a relaxing, therapeutic foot whirlpool.  This allows for removal of the casting material and serves to soothe and rejuvenate the feet.  It’s like being at a spa.

Moisturizing Massage

After reveling in the therapeutic foot whirlpool, your feet experience a moisturizing massage performed professionally by the doctor.  Exfoliators and skin softeners are applied to reduce rough skin and immediately improve the appearance of your feet.

Bespoke Design of Shoes

The final part of our specialized process is the design of the shoes.  Our customers have the freedom to choose any style, color, and design.  As this is bespoke, your wish is our command!  We work with you to create the shoe of your choice that is supportive, functional and luxurious.