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About Dr. D-LuCS

Statistically, approximately 50% of all individuals will experience foot issues of one type of another throughout her lifetime.  At Dr. D-LuCS, we create footwear that is an asset to your overall health.  Our goal is to empower women to become FEARLESS so they can experience life to the fullest and enrich their lives with happiness and meaning.  We are here to eliminate foot pain while providing luxury and comfort. 5% of all sales benefits the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Custom Shoes


When was the last time you removed your shoes to dance at a wedding or other affair? You won’t have to anymore…


Our special method for measuring and fitting customized orthotics and shoes is rather unique:


Bring a picture that inspires you, or explore our Pinterest board to develop a concept for your dream custom shoe.

Dr. D-LuCS Custom Shoes