Why Get Custom Shoes

When was the last time you wore a pair of comfortable heels?  When was the last time you removed your shoes to dance at a wedding or other affair?  For many women it is difficult to find stylish shoes that don’t hurt. Because your feet are your foundation, it is essential that they are well-supported, and in style.  Many have had foot surgery and these same deformities have returned, only to make it challenging once again to find shoes that fit well.

If you have not been able to find the right shoes for you, we suggest Dr. D-LuCS.  You’ll be able to choose the exact custom design and style, while being fitted for a custom made orthotic.  This combination has been proven to provide ultimate support, while maintaining luxurious style and unique individuality.  Through our specialized and technologically-advanced measuring and fitting process, and our medically-based foot and ankle biomechanical evaluation, Dr. D-LuCS will create the shoes you have always wanted.  Come experience: “The Absolute Footwear Fusion of Fashion & Function.”